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BoxBag filled that need, designed by Peter Segasby.

BoxBag was designed by Peter Segasby in 1997. Peter & Trisha launch Feb 1998.
Before the famous BoxBags was even launched, there is a more romantic, significant story to reveal, one of good design, driven by love, a sense of giving, a moment of receiving, excitement and quality. BoxBags origins resulted because Peter wanted to give his wife Trisha a special gift to celebrate their wedding anniversary in April 1997 and he required a small attractive gift box to present the gift, however, having tried and failed to find something of suitable quality, he decided to design a new gift box which was more appropriate, hence the BoxBag was invented. The actual original gift box was hand-made (prototype) and after given this to Trisha, the box then sat on their bookshelf for months before they decided to take it to market. Even then, busy running a graphic design business their thoughts were, “it could be a small cottage industry” and hopefully add a few coppers to the existing business. Peter & Trisha exhibited the BoxBags at the NEC Birmingham February 1998 – little did they know beforehand they’d take orders to the value of £600,000 and 5 million pounds worth of enquiries. Wow, they were overwhelmed, delighted, and worried because they hadn’t planned for such success – three months raising the funds and putting in place the inferstructure, a new business was born called Segasby Packaging.
Why name it BoxBag! Their son Mark came up with the name based on the following logic. “It had the strength of box material and looked like a ladies handbag”, so he simply combined the two, hence BoxBag. Mark was with the family business for two years and moved to London as a Product Designer for a leading Product Design Company.
Why was it so successful! Peter thinks because it was so new, nothing like that even existed, and it always had the right sentiments for a giftbox; “good design, driven by love, a sense of giving, the moment of receiving, excitement and quality, and gift buyers could see that”. Peter said! “I have to say it was the most wonderful and exciting ventures of our lives”.
Above and below are photos of the very first designs created: 8 BoxBag sizes and 10 colours, made from fluted material and foil stars printed on a matt board. Trisha was dab-hand at sorting props and displaying products for photography.

designed by Peter Segasby gift-boxes in blue yellow boxbags
Designer Peter Segasby created the BoxBag
Designer Peter Segasby created the BoxBag
BoxBags - designed by Peter Segasby
February 1998 – Aug 2012 –  2007 Business name changed when they acquired new shareholders to: Permada Limited. Position: Peter remained Managing Director. Designers and Procurement of quality Gift Packaging for the Gifts & Retail Trade.

Clients: The Container Store, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Bentalls plc, Eason & Son, Enesco Ltd, Fenwick, Argos, Clintons, F Hinds, Signet Group, John Lewis, WH Smith & Boots, and many more, plus hundreds of independent retailers.

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