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Art lovers – I have a wide variety of original paintings from portraits of Rembrandt’s father dressed as a soldier to portraits of local friends and family. In addition, there is a whole raft of other unique paintings that are not included on the website.
email: peter@segasby.com   web: www.segasby.com  mobile: 07935 949890

Art that captivates your imagination

Portrait painter and surrealist artist, Peter Segasby invites you view his latest paintings – a series of magical tree landscapes using a specially developed technique that gives a unique luminescent quality.  Metallics reflect light, whilst at the same time bright vibrant colours transform the paintings as the quality of light changes throughout the day, making them incredibly captivating.

No1. Tree of Life – Multi coloured fruit, branches creating pathway to growth. Swirling winds, force fruit to the ground. Centre warm heart pumping life into the tree and fruit.

No2. Rainbow Tree – The bright and vibrant colours of the rainbow, with swirls representing clouds, rain and wind, moving into floods and a whirl pool.

No3. Tree of Oranges – Circular Copper background supports the oranges and leaf design, the bubbles show the fragile nature that exist around the tree.

Amazing paintings and photographs make an incredible difference to your interior.