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Artist & Photographer

Artist: Peter Segasby. Limited Edition Prints




Hello, I’m Peter Segasby As a young boy of six my time was occupied in the pursuit of art and painting when I was not at school. Encouraged by my parents and teachers, I became good at painting and maintained my interest in art right up to going to college. However, the formal four years of training that I undertook at college was in graphic design. Afterwards I was fortunate to spend many good years in the design/marketing industry before starting my design consultancy business in 1985. This soon became reconised as one of the leading studios in the East Midlands for quality and professional design work. This incredible journey enabled me to work with some of the leading pretigious companies worldwide.

Whilst I loved working in design, my real passion has always been art and painting which occupied most of my spare time.  I’ve spent decades perfecting my skills in the use of various mediums, techniques and applications.  I believe strongly that you have to love what you do – as a young boy I enjoyed copying old masters for fun to see if I could replicate them accurately. This gave me a great buzz and a real sense of purpose and I began to understand what painting was all about. With commitment and passion, matched with a natural curiosity and fascination for great art, I became interested in different artists and their techniques regardless if it was fine art, impressionism, surrealism or anything in-between. This led me to observe in detail to copy and paint in these various techniques. This is probably the reason why my finished work does not have a single style.

I also enjoy renovation and restoration of antiques, furniture, paintings, clocks and many more items. It is so rewarding to bring something back to life by utilising various application processes and the correct methods and materials, achieving the perfect finish.

It is not always obvious that these many creative processes all contribute to whatever you do as an artist. I have found myself using combinations of materials in my painting that I discovered in restoration and visa versa.

My career has been varied and moved in many directions over the years. Working with people of varied professions and diversity, in a creative world, their influence had impacted on my life in many different ways. You begin to realise all things are relative and integrated in one way or another. We don’t always connect the dots until you question it years later and find this out!

Everything I do is with great enthusiasm and commitment. I believe all of these ingredients have contributed to my work as an artist/painter. I’ve always had an eye for detail and beauty, with a strong appreciation of aesthetics and quality. I hope you enjoy looking at my work and thank you for visiting my website to have a browse. Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if I can be of help or provide any further information.

Art lovers – I have a wide variety of original paintings from portraits of Rembrandt’s father dressed as a soldier to portraits of local friends and family. In addition, there is a whole raft of other unique paintings that are not included on the website.
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Art that captivates your imagination

Portrait painter and surrealist artist, Peter Segasby invites you to view his latest paintings – a series of magical tree landscapes using a specially developed technique that gives a unique luminescent quality.  Metallics reflect light, whilst at the same time bright vibrant colours transform the paintings as the quality of light changes throughout the day, making them incredibly captivating.

Tree of Life – multi coloured fruit, branches creating pathway to growth. Swirls of wind force the fruit to the ground. Centre is a warm heart beating with life throughout the delicate white branches and sweet fruit.

Rainbow Tree – bright, vibrant colours rolling throughout the circle of the rainbow, fruit drops to the water below, winds create swirling whirl pools as rainwaters gather to flood the surface.

Tree of Oranges – circular copper backdrop glitters with bright succulent juicy fresh oranges to its surface. Interwoven branches like roots creep to view. Bubbles show the fragile nature that exist around the tree.

A trio of tree images painted by artist Peter Segasby creates a beautiful interior.
Several Photographs and prints by Peter Segasby for this artist studio
The African leopard photographed by Peter Segasby - beautiful interior image

Amazing paintings and photographs make an incredible difference to your interior.