Toby & Ginger

Artist: Peter Segasby. Oil painting on canvas 50 x 40cm.
Artist Pets Not for Sale.

Our pets are incredibly important to us; they are part of our family’s daily lives. Our dog Toby and cat Ginger lived for 17 years and when they died it was like loosing a member of the family. Their lives were governed by us, as parents, ensuring their food, playing, cuddles and walking regime, all that and more as part of their and your daily life, just like children. Portrait paintings are not simply restricted to people, they include your pets and again not restricted to your dog or cat, it includes all pets.

The painting background setting is close to our cottage, near the church on Low Street at Collingham, Nottinghamshire. Memories created and brought back to life by a single image that reminds us all of their and our lives.


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