Portrait of Artist Mother

Artist: Peter Segasby. Oil painting on Canvas – canvas size 50cm x 40cm.

Doris Segasby – a mother is the most precious person in a child’s lifetime, the influence and impact she has on your own life helps mould you as a person. My mother was no exception to this; she was truly a remarkable woman – an absolutely wonderful lady. Pictured here in our living room at our cottage in Collingham, Nottinghamshire. Before painting her I took many photographs in readiness for this portrait. Almost every Friday evenings I would visit her and my brother for tea, and after tea we would sit watching TV and I would take every opportunity to look at her closely, exploring every detail of her wonderful face. This amused no-end, and she would constantly smile because she knew why I was looking at her. Sometimes I would deliberately “like a small child” get so close my nose would touch her face; whilst she would gently protest, it amused her so much she would smile and laugh, and the more she laughed the more I did it – I love this memory of her.

“This painting simply evokes wonderful, happy memories – it sits pride and place in my living room and sometimes I get so close my nose almost touches the canvas”. In loving memory of my mum. Peter


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