LPS18 Snow Storm

Artist: Peter Segasby. Acrylic painting on canvas 50 x 60cm.

This painting evolved by me being spontaneous. I had in mind what I wanted to acheive. I started by creating a textured background by applying paint with a serrated kitchen knife, trying purposely to create a flow like movement to represent wind and movement –  then a great deal of over painting until you get close to what I’d like to acheive – it was an experiment effect so you’re never sure if it’s going to turn out as you have in your mind. I love painting trees and luckily it work out fine. The painting principally consists of muted grey colours. It’s stormy, very windy, the snow and tree are swirling around with branches swaying as the wind increases and decrease! When you are in the moment of being spontaneous, something’s you can’t explain or make sense of, happens!


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