Everyone loves Penguins, which is why school children’s dining areas and classrooms find them great fun, so not just for the workplaces or homes. Don’t leave home without one…

LP1 Penguins

LP2 Penguins

LP3 Penguins

LP4 Penguins

LP5 Penguins

LP6 Penguins

LP7 Penguins

LP8 Penguins

LP9 Penguins

LP10 Penguins

LP11 Penguins

LP12 Penguins

LP13 Penguins

LP14 Penguins

LP15 Penguins

LP16 Penguins

LP17 Penguins

LP18 Penguins

This boardroom/meeting room may look formal – but introducing Penguins in their natural habitat is certainly ralaxing for visitors.

PP1 Penguins

PP2 Penguins

PP3 Penguins

PP4 Penguins

PP5 Penguins

PP6 Penguins

PP7 Penguins

PP8 Penguins

PP9 Penguins

PP10 Penguins

PP11 Penguins

PP12 Penguins